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We take our work seriously

Please enjoy some examples of our work and a few of the testimonials from clients who trust us with the properties they value most.


Interior Anchor


Exterior Anchor


Fine finish Anchor


Epoxy Flooring


Baseboards, Hardwood, & laminate flooring

Baseboard-hardwood& laminate flooring


Drywall services


Here are some testimonials from customers who trust our work.

Got a referral for Burke Painting online through Home Advisor. He was one of three I selected and came out to appraise the job.  I had an an old patio screen torn down and needed caulking of old holes and a repainting job.   What impressed me was I couldn't be home and he agreed to hike the back canyon, hop the brick wall, load his power washing equipment over the wall, and come back to do the paint job with his partner.  He totally fit my schedule and did a great job. Living in a three story condo in La Costa is not the easiest job to haul equipment and access a patio/back yard.  He was very flexible and really professional.  HIs prices were right on target, too.  I recommend him to anyone who has a unique, custom paint job.  He listens and gets it done.  


Patty Fuller


Philanthropy Consulting Services

(858) 336-8191 


Burke and his crew know their stuff. He clearly stated what I would be receiving and dedicated the time and professionalism into the job from start to finish. I truly appreciated how much he knew about the product he worked with. His team used the high quality equipment and displayed honesty with the work they produced. I would hire him again and refer Burke painting to friends and other businesses. 

John Parsons

Owner of John Parsons Photography


Good experience with Burke Paintings. They were professional, courteous and honest. We picked this company not because it was the lowest bid. However, during the initial interview we observed that they would do a good quality job.

Suzanne P.

in San Diego, CA

Great team to work with! Very friendly and goes through the process they will use. Enjoyed working with them!

 They preformed painting and staining for me.

- Anthony F. 

Satisfied Customer

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