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When having your baseboards installed it is important that 120 grit sandpaper is used before priming, If the baseboards come factory primed then 320 grit sandpaper is used before the first top coat and before the second coat we use 400 grit sandpaper for the smoothest finish in the industry.

here at Burke Painting we do the finishing coat while the baseboards are nailed on the wall and we use a wood filler on all the nails and caulk the seams to guarantee that your home or business is looking its best. Things to look out for In San Diego, painters often will apply only one coat of paint to your baseboards and hang them after painting to save on time only this leaves unpainted caulk and white wood filler at first this is goes unnoticed but in time the unpainted caulk will yellow and collect dirt that won't be able to be cleaned off and will be costing up to $3.00 per foot to have the baseboards done correctly.


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