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San Diego Painting Companies why are prices all over the place?

In San Diego if you have been getting estimates on doing any home improvements you might be asking why are some prices high and some so low? are there any standard prices? in short no there are no standard prices and many of the companies that have prices that are so low are that way because their quality is just as bad if not worse. It is an industry where you get what you paid for but what about the guys that are so high? Why do they charge so much? As a Trusted San Diego Painting Company we can't say that we are ever the cheap guy that will break something without insurance or steal from your home or are we the expensive companies that can't justify their price But Burke Painting and Remodeling makes Honest Estimates for what it cost to do it right with figures that we have gotten from past experiences so we know that we can afford to do the work the right way not the cheap easy way that will look bad a week later having you scratch your head why did we hire those other guys to begin with!

For Work that you will love you can count on Burke!

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