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Dunn Edwards Wood Handle Roller Frame review - San Diego Painting Contractor

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Dunn Edwards Wood Handle Roller Frame review:

One of the best roller frames is on the market for all to use. Fronting it's easy spinning bearings, it preforms almost effortlessly in comparison to other rollers. Thus delivering an even roller stipple with speed. Because of its compact sides it allows you to roll close to corners without scratching the paint off the wall you previously painted. Whether we are doing exterior painting, interior painting, cabinet painting, house painting, its a preferred product by Burke Painting. Thank you Dunn Edwards for creating products that help us serve San Diego with all it's painting needs. 

Price - Only $7.49  

Name - DE Pro Wood Frame 9 Inch

Stock Number: - F1 

Owner - Dan Burke - Painting Contractor of San Diego


San Diego

Dunn Edwards

Interior Painting

Cabinet paint

Painting Contraction San Diego


house painting

Exterior Painting

painting contractors

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