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What finish should my Paint Be?

What sheen should be used on my house? Flat, low sheen, egg shell, simi gloss, or gloss 

here at Burke painting we recommend using Flat paint on areas that are a rough surface such as stucco because this will help hide imperfections and on evenness thats common on stucco siding.

as for wood siding Burke painting recommends using egg shell, this sheen will keep your home looking newer longer and safer from UV rays.

for doors and windows casings  we would use ether simi gloss or gloss paint since it offers great UV protection and cleans with ease. Fascia boards can be painted with egg shell or simi gloss keeping it safe from UV rays and weathering from rain and wind. 

What not to do is use flat paint throughout the entire project. some painters often make this damaging mistake because it's an easy paint to work with and you can touch it up at any time without taking all the proper steps in painting with the intent to do long lasting work because flat paint hides imperfections but does not offer the protection and beauty that you deserve.  Here at Burke painting we use the proper products in its recommended area of your home because we care about doing quality long lasting work.

San Diego Painter Burke Painting Spray Painted doors blue in Rancho Santa Fe
Satin finish

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