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epoxy flooring

For your home or business having a well done epoxy floor brings a great look that is; durable, easy to clean, and resistant to chemicals or heavy traffic. Only what do you need to know before you buy?

let's look at the four P's the; Price, Products, Places, and Prep before you buy.

First, Price's vary in this industry for different levels of quality, there is bad, good, and Great quality that you can get. For bad you are looking to spend $1.00 per square foot, for good quality it is typically around $4.5- $5.5 per square foot, Now For Great Quality you will be looking at $8.00-$9.00 per square foot.

Secondly, Products consist of, one part epoxy that is premade and tinted in the store this would be a poor epoxy, don't expect it to last at all. then Epoxy that comes in a kit from home depot, this is good for do it selfers that are not looking for a professional finish or don't care about potential floor failures like peeling or chipping or the fact that they yellow when the sunlight hits them leaving marks where you had the floor covered.

Lastly, you have professional products that come in two part gallons,these products are stronger to dropping objects, heavy traffic, chemicals, or even U.V. rays.

Now Places where you can use Epoxy, it can go on any concrete surface, popular areas are; Garage floors, Patios, warehouses, Business floors, basements, or even kitchens and baths.

Finally, How do you Prep for Epoxy floors? First you need to make sure that the surface can take in a new product, doing a test with water will show if the concrete will soak in the water or repel the water, you want it to soak in or you risk having the floor peel off.

After you test you have to grind the floor till the concrete is receptive of taking new products, then cleaning all dust (sometimes this also means letting the dust in the air settle and cleaning again) and you want to make sure to clean with vacuums first then wet wipe the floor. once dry you can start your first application.

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