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How to Paint your Home

How to paint a house 

The San Diego Painting Contractor can have lots of different options for painting the exterior of a property such as a house or business but there are often simple steps that Burke Painting takes to properly execute even the most difficult of projects. 

Frist a Quality Painter will pressure wash to remove any dirt and prepare the surface. Secondly a House painter needs to mask; windows, doors, floor and more to protect unwanted areas to be painted by a paint sprayer. Thirdly, a local Painting contractor will need to scrape & sand any ruff or peeling surfaces to insure that there is not any loose substrate before painting to prevent future paint failure. The fourth step is, to prime so the bare wood or unwanted substrate is locked down or sealed to prevent a number of things that could go wrong by not priming (see our other blog to know what primer goes where). The fifth step is to Paint, Burke Painting uses premium Paints from brand name paint suppliers so guarantee the longest lasting work, it is also important the number of coats you use and the sheen of the paint or finish of the paint so it has be best durability on the proper surface. for more questions about painting from a painting contractor you can read more at or call at 858-208-7765

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