How to stain a door

Refinishing a door can bring new life to your home so the importance of having ti done with a skilled hand and premium materials is crucial. How Burke Painting does it, is by first determining if the door has to be stripped first. Things we look for is bubbling and cracking or peeling of the clear coat. If those conditions are there then its best that you start new and strip the door. Refinishing a door it is important to find out if the past materials used are ether oil based or water based, It is important to never mix water with oil. If you can not find the past products used or you are unsure you can find out with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol if the finish comes up then you know that it was water base. Once you know what type of materials to use we scuff sand the door so it will be receptive of the new stain, After staining with a darker stain and allowing time to set in to the wood we apply the clear coats the most common finish can be satin or gloss. the number of coats often used is two up to five or seven coats depending how high of the desired gloss.

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