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WHy won't the Paint Match?

When it comes to doing touch ups you might be wondering how come the paint doesn't match? It can be the paint was never made to match the right way from the paint store

or the wall has faded color in comparison to the new paint or there is extra sheen flashing back from doubling up the sheen in one spot or even the texture of the paint making the wall look different for example sprayed paint will not match paint that has been rolled on.

Here at Burke Painting and Remodeling we paint the wall from corner to corner so we won't have any chance of the paint not matching. even if it looks good in the moment sometimes you can't see that the paint is not matching until the light hits it in the right way like in mid day it will look fine but in the evening everyone can tell that the paint just doesn't look right.

We do it the right way not the easy way. There are a lot of bad painters in San Diego where they call it one in one coat or skipping Primer

Trusted San Diego Painting Companies like Burke Painting and Remodeling holds themselves to a higher standard where we treat your home as if it was ours and what we would want for it.

When you have a project you can save yourself from having to take the weekends off for the rest of the year and buying the tools and Burke can do the Work giving our guarantee that you will Love the work!

For a San Diego Construction Company that you will love Just call Burke!

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