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Spot prime vs full prime

It is not unusual for an old home or building to experience peeling or water damage in at least a few spots on the property. So obviously we all know that we have to prime those trouble areas with the correct type of primer that to treat that area but would you ever need to prime everything again? If so whats the pros and cons? In short YES Primer is always a benefit to a longer lasting paint job! but it does cost more money so now we have to ask well is it worth it? And I am happy to explain why it is worth it and what it typically adds to the budget to include this extra labor and materials.

First the added cost for a standard 2,000 sq ft home will be around $2,600.00 to us a premium primer. Now secondly is it worth it? is what you're probably asking... what I can say is that some paint manufacturers offer lifetime warranties when primum primers and paints are used and I can say that using a peel bonding primer on wood siding (even when it has not had a peeling issue) will prevent any possible future peeling and will help with sheen retention. Sheen retention is the ability for the top coat to stay shiny, the shinier the paint and the longer it stays glossy leans the longer it keeps its color without fading and leading to looking old and early paint failure.

adding the extra one third of labor and material could mean years of difference for keeping your houses exterior looking newer and safer from the weather and in the end saving you lots of money in the long run.

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