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THe Cost of wallpaper!

Why not to use wall paper. 

Wall paper although can be a decorative style that can accomplish your vision but the cost and risk might not be worth in comparison of other alternatives. The cost of hanging wall paper is already more expensive than painting when it comes to applying the decorative paper not counting the thousands it cost to remove the wallpaper when the style goes out. Besides the cost there are other risks when you go with wall paper one is the  walls are harder to repair if there is an Electrician or plumber that does work in your home. Secondly the risk of growing unnoticeable mold due to an unknown leak is increased once wall coverings are used. Mold is often found behind wall paper in bathrooms and kitchens. Even though wallpaper is not the best choice for your home there is still a cost effective and safe method to accomplish your vision, here at Burke Painting we offer custom painting with different textures, stencils, metallic paints and plasters Burke painting can accomplish similar styles without costing you more money to remove it, even with custom painting We can repair your walls if it is ever damaged, and most importantly custom painting will help keep you safe from the unnoticed mold that would linger and hide behind wall coverings

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