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Why is it so important that my contractor has workman comp insurance?

Workman's compensation is the most expensive insurance a contractor can pay for often making it the first corner they cut since it is easy to say that you have it and not prove it and the only time it will affect anyone by not having it is when someone gets hurt but really, How often does that happen? 150 worker fatalities and more than 2020,000 nonfatal injuries in 2015, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. That's information that was only reported there are very much more that are never even reported. Now what does this mean for home & business owners? It means that any one worke that might get injured has the right to get workers comp but if that insurance is not being paid for then you run the risk of having injured party or family of the deceased coming after any assets they can. since the business that usually make their prices much lower by skipping their payments are also ran by companies that can easily close up shop and restart under a new name, it leaves just the value of the property that the incident happened on. That means you can lose your house or your business trying to pay out to them.

This when you might ask but it was not my fault that the company was dishonest and also I only hired licensed contractors so why do I have to pay for their dishonesty? Simple because everyone person can ask for proof and when a copy of their policy comes in you can then call to verify that they are making payments. Because many companies will pay some up front but quite making payments.

To protect yourself and your investment always ask for proof, verify then hire and you will have a team you can trust like Burke Painting.

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